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Recent Blogs posted by Siobhan and Embrace Difference. Please contact us for more information and other areas of interest.

  • "ND vs NT student experiences of homeschooling (long-term) or crisis schooling (COVID19)" [Apr 23, 2020] (LinkedIn)
  • "The motivations behind Autistic masking and lying. Are they the same?" [Mar 16, 2020] (LinkedIn)
  • "Which therapies are most important for my child? Part 2" [Dec 3, 2019] (LinkedIn)
  • "What therapies should my child do? What should I focus on?" [Nov 26, 2019] (LinkedIn)
  • Panel Chair at the "Life after Death" Conference [Oct 6, 2019] (LinkedIn)
  • "A thank you letter to Greta for her role in the Neurodiversity movement" [Oct 6, 2019] (LinkedIn)
  • "The impact and importance of safety for learning" [Sep 8, 2019] (LinkedIn)
  • "First Blog Post: Diversity" [Sep 5, 2019] (LinkedIn)

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Presentations and Media

In February 2021 Neurodiversity Media partnered with General Assembly Singapore for the event "Diversity in Tech. Nurturing Neurodiverse Talent in the Workplace".


In September 2020, Siobhan spoke on the Teacher Chatter podcast about "all things Neurodiversity and how we can embrace and empower all students in the mainstream classroom". (Teacher Chatter website)

Siobhan recently participated in the Growth Through Adversity Talks, presented by the Neurodiversity Foundation for Neurodiversity Pride Day 2020.

In September 2019 Siobhan chaired the panel at Singapore's first Autistic-led conference. 

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