Welcome to Embrace Difference

Welcome to Embrace Difference where all differences are embraced, supported and celebrated!  

Our goal is to educate and support schools, teachers, parents, carers, families and individuals who are Neurodivergent themselves, teach and support Neurodivergent students or just seek a better understanding of Neurodiversity. This will be achieved through a strength-based, Talent Development Model. All of our teachers have educational qualifications and specialise in Neurodivergent students and are Neurodivergent themselves since as DuBois said, “Children learn more from what you are than what you teach”.

We deliver presentations to schools (teachers and carers) to help them relate and support their Neurodivergent young people through both our professional and lived experience. We also support families by advocating for their children within the school setting and coaching them to become more confidant advocators themselves. Neurodivergent students, who are struggling, are supported by a series of assessments and conversations that allow us to develop a strength-based, talent development profile that can be given to schools so that they may understand which environments will help the student thrive. We are passionate about empowering Neurodivergents and their allies with the knowledge and mindset necessary to Embrace Difference!

Supporting students with evidenced-based strategies is of utmost importance. For this reason, we participate in research groups that are focussed on helping Neurodivergent students thrive including workshops for NACF (National ADHD Consumer Forum) and the Education Focus Group for the Australian Autism Research Council. This will enable us to help steer, implement and integrate evidence-based strategies in the everyday lives of Neurodivergent individuals.

We are excited about supporting you.

Please send us a message at info@embrace-difference.com.au

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Principal: Dr Siobhan Lamb

Siobhan is a Neurodivergent Educator, Speaker, Writer and Advocate. Her husband, three children and herself are all Neurodivergent with a mix of Autism, ADHD, giftedness, Dyslexia and Dysgraphia. An experienced teacher with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry for over 20 years in Special Education (specializing in Autism, ADHD, Giftedness and Dyslexia), Science, Stem and Maths in both Australia and Singapore. Siobhan started her career completing a BSc (hons) and then simultaneously completing a PhD in Physical/Theoretical Chemistry and a Masters of Teaching. She has completed a Graduate Diploma of Cognitive Diversity (2e- Gifted and Special Needs Education) and is currently completing a Masters of Education in Cognitive Diversity. Siobhan holds a unique position as a Neurodivergent advocate and mediator for children at school. She has sat in everyone’s chair: the teacher, the parent and the child themselves. She hopes that we can forge a world where our Neurodivergent children are seen through a strength-based lens. Where they feel understood, heard and embraced for their strengths which will enable them to be defined by them and to soar!  

Support Areas (Contact for additional information)


For Parents and Carers

  • An introduction to Neurodiversity for parents and carers
  • Enabling Your Neurodivergent children to feel understood and embraced
  • Creating home environments that enable your child to thrive
  • Understanding and embracing your twice-exceptional children
  • Understanding and embracing your students with ADHD
  • Embracing and supporting your Autistic child
  • Navigating puberty with your Autistic teenager
  • Working with schools to enable your Neurodivergent child to thrive
  • Teaching your Neurodivergent child effective Executive Functioning Skills

Educational Services

We provide presentations designed to meet the individual needs of your school, teachers and students.

Each session will include a 30 minute orientation discussion (phone call, email or meeting) discussing the specific topics and direction for the presentation. The presentation will then be mapped to the Australian Professional Development Standards for Teachers. Certificates of participation will be provided to attendees and will reference the standards covered. Suggested topics (but by no means is this an exhaustive list) are:

For Teachers

  • An introduction to Neurodiversity for educators
  • Enabling Your Neurodivergent students to succeed
  • Creating environments that enable Neurodivergent students to thrive
  • Understanding and embracing your twice-exceptional students
  • Understanding and embracing your students with ADHD
  • Embracing, relating to and supporting your Autistic students
  • Navigating puberty with your Autistic Students
  • Embracing, relating to and supporting your Autistic students
  • Navigating puberty with your Autistic Students
  • What is meant by a strength-based, Talent Development Model?
  • How to write an effective strength-based IEP (SMARTAR) using assessments and testing
  • Teaching your Neurodivergent students effective Executive Functioning Skills

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